The human body is composed of many cells and hormones that are necessary for the complete functioning of the body, in the case of men testosterone is the sex hormone responsible for male development.

This hormone is also produced by women but in smaller quantities, being vital since, from before birth begins to have presence in the evolution of the body, evidenced with greater force in the stage of puberty, where it is the cause of major physical changes as developed sex organs, appearance of body hair, hoarse voice and muscle growth.

The role of testosterone turns out to be protagonist in the life of the man, even beyond the sexual area since its presence influences significantly in the muscular tonification, improving the physical condition and allowing greater resistance before physical activities intervening in a much faster recovery.

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low testosterone chemical makeup

Its most predominant function is found in reproduction, since it is the cause of the increase in sexual appetite and the healthy formation of spermatozoids, being also the main ally in the fight against erectile dysfunction, thus guaranteeing a healthy and prominent life as a couple.

But this is not all that this hormone can do, since from a deeper perspective it has been known to cooperate in the production of red blood cells; it also exponentially increases the mineral density of the bone structure avoiding the appearance of degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, in another sense, it acts in a beneficial way on memory, skin, liver including the regulation of insulin.

After the age of thirty, men begin to experience a natural decrease in the levels of testosterone, normally the reduction of this hormone is calculated at 1% annually, although there are cases in which the decrease increases considerably, increasing the possibilities of suffering some type of disorder in the body, in more extreme cases factors such as diabetes or obesity are determinants in the low levels of the hormone.

There are a number of symptoms, which usually go unnoticed but are an imminent warning that could evidence a deficit in testosterone levels, so it is important to go to a specialist who will determine with a few blood tests the exact levels of testosterone.

What is Free Testosterone?

Most of the testosterone produced by the human body is bound to a sex hormone binding globulin or human albumin, this is called “bound testosterone” and represents about 98% of the total testosterone in the body, the remaining percentage is called “free testosterone”.

The binding of testosterone together and free, is known as total testosterone by grouping all the hormones in the body.

Free testosterone is responsible for these secondary sex characteristics, and connects to testosterone receptors within the cells, in a process that involves enabling their functionality in terms of cell replication in bones and muscles.

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endocrine levels and low t

It is important to know the function of each of these, because, although the total testosterone count is normal, it is still possible a decrease in the free testosterone count, which would cause some abnormalities that, would limit its functioning.

The possibility of excessive slavery means that it is possible to have normal levels of total testosterone but still have insufficient free testosterone to perform its essential functions.

A low free testosterone count influences the deficiency in muscle development, decreased sexual desire, among others.

In this sense, the count of free testosterone should be considered beyond a test that makes a total count, because it can cause a misdiagnosis or an unnecessary supplementation.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

According to medicinenet, symptoms associated with the loss of testosterone levels are also caused by other pre-existing factors and for this reason they are confused with other pathologies. Some of the most recurrent manifestations are

Decrease in sexual appetite

Also according to medicinenet, there is less interest in sex, erection problems and even infertility are changes that can mean a decrease in testosterone levels.

Decreased physical condition

The increase in body fat together with a reduction in muscle and strength are some of the most important physical changes. Some men also present inflammation or sensitivity in the pectoral area and even present a significant loss of body hair.

sexual appetite decrease with low t levels
low levels of testosterone effect mood swings

Emotional and cognitive changes

At a cognitive level, symptoms related to memory loss and mental agility can appear, while from an emotional aspect, a little more serious symptom such as depression, irritability, insomnia and constant tiredness usually appear. Likewise, low self-esteem and confidence maintain a constant state of sadness.

The presence of all these symptoms, besides foreseeing a decrease in the deficit of testosterone can be the preamble to more chronic cases, such as hypogonadism.

What is Hypogonadism? And How Does it Affect Low Testosterone?

It is the disease that defines the capacity of the human body to produce testosterone, traditionally related to problems in the pituitary gland that controls the testicles, or in the testicles themselves, in this case doctors usually prescribe injections, pills, patches or gels, it is important to remember that the pituitary gland in the brain is the one that controls the amount of testosterone in the testicles.

These symptoms can vary from person to person and depending on the intensity of the disease, a low level or chronic.

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free testosterone blood levels

What are the benefits of maintaining an optimal testosterone level?

Maintaining an ideal level of testosterone in the body will allow you to enhance the functions of your body in an accurate way, maintaining a formidable and enviable physical capacity, which will give you the opportunity to excel in all areas, sexual, sports, labor, among others.

The energy is considerably higher in people with solid testosterone levels as opposed to those that have low testosterone, reducing fatigue almost in its entirety, this is reflected in the sexual field with an increased libido, sperm count, increased fertility and decreased chances of suffering some type of erectile dysfunction.

In addition, it generates a greater bone density so you will have healthier and stronger bones for the proper performance of your daily activities.

The ideal distribution of body fat and promote a healthier muscles is also a determining factor, remember that testosterone is an anabolic hormone and this manages to trigger the creation of proteins that result in the formation of stronger and healthier muscles.

In the end, maintaining testosterone levels brings indisputable benefits to men’s physical and mental health, achieving a better quality of life.

How to Increase Low Testosterone Levels

The impressive benefits that testosterone brings and the not at all encouraging symptoms that come with the lack of this hormone, I have motivated millions of men around the world to look for methods that will help prevent their decrease and increase their levels.

On a medical level, there are various medications that can increase the levels; however, they must be strictly controlled by specialists who can determine the best and most effective option for stimulation.

There are also supplements that help improve the levels of the low testosterone, however, their indiscriminate use can generate a major problem in the future, which is why it is also recommended that they be approved by a specialist doctor, who will give the correct daily doses to avoid further damage.

And there are other ways that, translated into the implementation of new eating habits and routines, will help increase it without the need to resort to pharmacology or supplements. Here we will tell you how to increase testosterone levels naturally.

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How to increase testosterone naturally

From a mature age, testosterone levels begin to decrease bringing with them annoying symptoms, fortunately, there are natural methods that can be assumed by everyone that do not pose any risk to health and that on the contrary will help improve the quality of life with increased testosterone secretion and maintain it at optimal levels.

Although it is a predominantly male hormone, its production in women is also important for overall health and sexual well-being, so it is essential that both sexes remain aware of the relevance that Testosterone brings.

Healthy habits and routines that imply a positive physical impact, among other things are points that executed in a recurrent way can imply an increase and optimal maintenance of testosterone; these are some of the most effective.

Resistance Training

It has been scientifically demonstrated the importance and benefits that maintaining a physical training routine of resistance brings, there are many diseases that manages to prevent and of course improves the quality of life.

Research conducted by specialists in various regions of the world has shown that people who maintained a daily exercise can increase their levels of low testosterone.

Although physical activity in general is beneficial, resistance or high-intensity training such as weight lifting caused much more encouraging results.

Short intervals and repetitive heavy lifting show faster and more effective results.

Increase Vitamin Intake

Although Zinc and vitamin D are traditionally known to be the most effective in increasing low testosterone, vitamins A, C, and E are considered to be quite efficient allies in improving testosterone levels.

A multivitamin intake is recommended to meet the body’s needs for better performance.

resistance training is a testosterone booster
diet nutrition for higher testosterone

Improving the Diet

Diet is key in all processes concerning the health and well-being of the body, especially in the case of testosterone. Proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats help optimize the levels of this hormone in the body.

A whole food diet that equitably brings these elements together will help in your quest to stabilize the body’s testosterone level. It is important not to fall into excesses or inconsistencies at mealtimes.

Reducing Stress

Stress is responsible for the increase of cortisol in the body, this works in the opposite way to testosterone, because while one increases the other decreases. The harmful effects that stress causes on mental and physical health have been proven, so it is recommended to carry out activities that achieve its decrease.

In addition to avoiding situations or contexts that generate anxiety or stress, it is also recommendable to do yoga routines, walks, dances, enjoy time outdoors, among other activities that achieve greater emotional well-being.

Recurring Sunbathing

Daily sunbathing allows the absorption of Vitamin D in a natural way, this brings with it important health benefits, it has been proven to be a very effective alternative to increase testosterone levels.

In fact, recent studies have determined that Vitamin D, either by exposure to the sun or in supplemental intake mode, can increase testosterone levels by up to 25%.

Search for a Sexual Stimulus

Eroticism and adventure in sex in a recurrent way are an unquestionable an ally in the search for maintaining active sexual pleasure, lasting long periods without sexual stimuli can contribute to the decrease of testosterone in the blood.

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Vitamin D for better t levels
sleep is important for testosterone

Sleep At Least 8 Hours a Day

Quality sleep is as important as food or training to improve the quality of life. It is estimated that those people who sleep less than 8 hours a day have their testosterone levels reduced by up to 15%, whereas those who manage to sleep between 8 and 10 hours a night frequently manage to increase by more than 15%.

Avoid Harmful Substances

Drugs, alcohol and even those similar to estrogen have a negative influence on the production of testosterone in the body, in addition to the harmful effects they commonly cause to the body. A considerable reduction in the intake of these products will provide a better physical and mental result.

This micro mineral is a key piece when we talk about increasing the production of testosterone in the human body, even its role in the body is very extensive, some of its most important roles are its participation in the process of cell division, DNA synthesis and alcohol metabolism.

Zinc is one of the most necessary trace elements that help us to have a natural balance in the body allowing a healthier life, we already know that its presence is important to regulate some internal processes of some organs but, what does it have to do with testosterone?

This element that has gone unnoticed on many occasions influences the balance of hormones such as testosterone, largely controlling muscle growth, which is why it is said that there is a strong connection between zinc and hormone levels.

Zinc as a reinforcement in the production of Testosterone

Consume natural testosterone enhancers

Although there are many natural enhancers to increase testosterone levels, not all of them have scientific backing.

The herb “ashwagandha” has been proven to be a very efficient way to increase testosterone, by an average of 17%, in addition to increasing sperm count by almost 200% and reducing cortisol.

Ginger is also very beneficial in this aspect, and its functions achieve a perfect complement to the healthy diet.

Akarkara is another herb that enhances brain characteristics and sexual performance, while Hibiscus macranthus enhances fertility.

Other herbs and natural supplements that help increase testosterone naturally are

  • Anacyclus pyrethrum
  • Ecdisteroide
  • Magnesium
  • Fenogreco
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Pleurotus eryngii
  • Epimedium
  • Terrestrial tribes.

Although they are natural complements, whose ingestion does not represent major risks to health, it is important to consult the opinion of a specialist who will be able to advise you in a concrete way on the most convenient option in that aspect.

Zinc as a reinforcement in the production of Testosterone

This micro mineral is a key piece when we talk about increasing the production of testosterone in the human body, even its role in the body is very extensive, some of its most important roles are its participation in the process of cell division, DNA synthesis and alcohol metabolism.

Zinc is one of the most necessary trace elements that help us to have a natural balance in the body allowing a healthier life, we already know that its presence is important to regulate some internal processes of some organs but, what does it have to do with testosterone?

This element that has gone unnoticed on many occasions influences the balance of hormones such as testosterone, largely controlling muscle growth, which is why it is said that there is a strong connection between zinc and hormone levels.

Take zinc for better testosterone levels
Take zinc for better testosterone levels

There are natural processes that eliminate zinc in the body, for example bile and intestinal secretions and perspiration, which is why it is recommended to eat foods that have good amounts of zinc such as meat, fish, milk, cheese, beans and yogurt, although it can also be ingested through supplements in capsules.

Having adequate levels of zinc is vital, contrary to popular belief which suggests that the more quantity the greater benefit, the reality is that with respect to zinc only the right and necessary amount is needed, excessive supplementation can generate adverse results.

The recommended amount is 15mg per day in men while in women it is suggested an amount of 12mg per day only increasing the value in case of pregnancy or lactation period, exceeding the amounts may lead in the long term to deficiencies of other elements such as iron or copper and even gastrointestinal and immune problems.

Foods to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is a complex hormone because as the years go by its presence in the body decreases, which can represent a serious problem for men directly affecting their sexual performance in addition to inducing health problems, vitality and physical performance in general, it could even be said that its effects can seriously affect emotional stability.

Learning about eating habits that can naturally help keep hormone levels in order is indispensable. Many are the foods that can help increase testosterone while improving our general well-being.

These are ten of the foods that you can include in your eating habits to increase testosterone naturally:


According to research, garlic can function as a natural viagra, this food contains allicin and this compound is responsible for reducing cortisol hormone levels and improving the availability of testosterone in the body.

Eat garlic to increase low t
Garlic has been show to increase low t
pomegranate for low t
Eat pomegranate if you have low t levels


This food is very versatile and can be included in meals in different ways. It also contains boron, a mineral that is linked to testosterone and nitric oxide levels.


The onion is considered one of the most powerful foods in terms of testosterone production, even many studies have determined that it can generate an increase of up to 300%, also improves sexual performance because it contains keratin a great stimulant in this aspect.


This is a fruit that has gone unnoticed but that brings great benefits to the body in general, it offers a considerable amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, but in the task of naturally increasing testosterone it also plays a great role since it is related to the increase of libido, energy, and mood.


They are considered an aphrodisiac food because they induce the release of histamine, which participates in the process of reaching orgasm in both men and women, are also related to the production of testosterone due to the folic acid, vitamin E and potassium it provides.


Eggs are a must in a healthy diet because of their amino acids and proteins. They increase the production of testosterone thanks to the proteins, the omega fat and the vitamin D.


Caffeine stimulates the levels of cAMP, a nucleotide that functions as a second messenger in various biological processes and thus increases testosterone production.


Another food known as a natural aphrodisiac, has a high zinc content that increases testosterone and also helps in the production of sperm.


This food is an excellent source of healthy fats, containing large amounts of vitamin E, these fat-soluble vitamins are vital and indispensable for the proper production of testosterone.


These are a very healthy option since they contain polysaccharides, and also have anti-estrogenic effects, naturally blocking the enzyme aromatase that converts testosterone into estrogen.

These are some of the foods that offer the best benefits and of course act in increasing the production of testosterone naturally, you should always keep in mind that living a healthy lifestyle can help in all aspects.

Testosterone for Muscle Gain

Although testosterone is produced naturally, training and a good diet will influence its development and production. Sport is considered one of the activities that brings the greatest benefits to the body, not only on a physical level, mental stability is also positively influenced by this practice.

It has been demonstrated that a correct use of testosterone supplements or influencing its production in a natural way, will help to gain more muscle, its categorization as a steroid with an anabolic effect is key in this aspect.

These concepts are usually common in gyms and training centers, for a body to achieve muscle mass and strength, it must remain as long as possible in an anabolic state, which translates into greater absorption of nutrients that will allow the body to better develop, mainly caused by increased production of testosterone.

But for this to be possible, the body must not be overloaded with long training days, since most of the testosterone production takes place while we sleep, and the muscle needs recovery periods to be able to develop.

In this sense, to train compulsively expecting an evident result in a short time, is a bad idea, and will only generate more frustration and the possibility of atrophying the muscle, leaving even further the possibility of fulfilling such objectives.

Consuming testosterone supplements indiscriminately and without medical supervision is the wrong way to go, and can be the prelude to chronic, long-term medical complications.

Some of the most important negative effects that indiscriminate use of anabolics can cause to the body are:

  • Polycythemia (increased red blood cells with risk of thrombosis)
  • Dyslipemia (altered blood lipid levels)
  • Gynecomastia (breast enlargement).
  • Testicular atrophy.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Psychological disorders.


The continuous consumption of anabolics usually generates addiction and causes an effect opposite to the desired one: to stop producing testosterone.

This is because the body has become accustomed to receiving doses by external routes, inhibits the natural production of testosterone, resulting in male hypogonadism.

Testosterone IS A MUSCLE GAINER, but you must boost its production naturally or have the proper advice if you use supplements.

In conclusion, testosterone allows our body a greater adaptation and development of muscle mass and the physical condition to achieve it.

Can Testosterone Therapy "Rejuvenate" You?

Even with the advances in medicine there seem to be issues or unknowns to resolve, many of these doubts are based on the desires of people who want to improve their quality of life and others because of popular beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation.

In this regard, there is a diatribe in reference to treatments or therapies with testosterone, among the main questions are Can a treatment with this hormone somehow rejuvenate you? The reality is that no, although if it helps to improve some conditions it is not a magic potion that can cure all ills, it should always be borne in mind that each body is different and reacts to what we ingest in a particular way, therefore, the results can be multiple perceptively speaking.

Let’s remember that the human body is composed of millions of cells, hormones, enzymes and organs, each one of them has a characteristic and vital function for all biological processes that happen internally and of which we do not have a visible way of monitoring, so, if we see it from that point, a treatment with testosterone can stimulate an improvement of virility and other aspects of sexuality but also the coexistence of other elements that intervene in the process must be evaluated.

In this sense, it is important to know and accept that the body ages naturally, so it is a normal and necessary process that cannot be avoided, although it can be delayed a little. This type of treatment with hormones should be supervised and indicated by a specialist after a thorough examination to determine if its application is really indispensable.

Testosterone treatments can also pose some risks, among which are:

  • In some cases distortion in the dream can be generated giving step to an apnea of the dream, a potentially serious upheaval.
  • Cutaneous problems
  • Breast enlargement
  • Testicular shrinkage

However, it should be clarified that on many occasions doctors often indicate this therapy as a solution to improve the quality of life of older people, the most advisable will always be to induce the increase of testosterone naturally through a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, at present it is not recommended to treat normal aging with a testosterone therapy.

Any over-stimulated hormone should be under the supervision of a specialist, especially in the case of testosterone which happens to be one of the most important in both men and women.